The Council of National Golf Unions Limited (CONGU®) is the authorising body of the only official handicap for golfers resident in Great Britain and Ireland. 

CONGU® develop and maintain a Golf Handicapping System that provides Handicaps for all players of the Clubs affiliated to the National Unions and Associations. Also to assist and support these Organisations, and their Affiliated Clubs, in administering golf handicaps on a day-to-day basis.


A CONGU® Handicap, awarded by a club affiliated to one of the eight National Unions/Associations that administer amateur golf in Great Britain and Ireland, is recognised by National golfing authorities and clubs throughout the world as indicative of the golfing capability of the holder. The System is the result of many years development and refinement, relying on stringent checks and balances which enable scores obtained from quite widely differing courses and playing conditions to be compared on a like-for-like basis. The detail of the CONGU® System is Copyrighted and the acronym CONGU is a registered Trademark in connection with all aspects of golf handicaps calculated and administered by the System.


Only Clubs and Organisations affiliated to one of the eight National Unions or Associations that govern amateur golf in Great Britain and Ireland (and other approved overseas Organisations) are allowed to issue and maintain CONGU® Handicaps. All this ensures that CONGU® Handicaps reflect, as accurately as possible, the playing standard of the individual golfer at any one time.

A copy of the latest (2016-2018) version of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System is available via the following link:



Please note that all affiliated golf clubs were issued with two hard copies of the manual free of charge at the start of 2016.  


Additional copies can be purchased at a cost of £4.00 inclusive of postage.

Please forward your request to the Golf Union of Wales, Catsash, Newpot.  NP18 1JQ together with a cheque to cover the required amount of copies and the address where you would like them delivered.


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